Tuna Fishing Trip



(Full Day 10-12+ hours) $295 per person

Albacore fishing in Oregon is one of the most exciting trips you will ever experience, and Pacific Charter Services is geared up and ready to slay'em. You are sure to experience multiple hook-ups at the same time, and catching Albacore Tuna is a given on this trip. Once you hook your first Tuna, you will understand why we use heavy gear and tackle. Tuna fishing is like hooking a beast on a fishing pole. We use both hand-lines and poles on our trips. Albacore tuna are the premier fighting fish. They are aggressive, strong, fast, and great to eat.

Oregon Tuna Fishing usually starts in June or early July as the warm water moves north along Oregon’s Coast. The Season in Oregon runs all the way through October when the cold winter storms start pushing the warm currents back south again. ​This trip will take you 18-30 off shore from Charleston Harbor.

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