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Charleston, Oregon pacific charter services, coos bay fishing, coos bay deep sea fishing, Oregon deep sea fishing, coos bay ocean crabbing, ocean crabbing, deep sea charters, deep sea fishing,

Charleston, Oregon pacific charter services, coos bay fishing, coos bay deep sea fishing, Oregon deep sea fishing, coos bay ocean crabbing, ocean crabbing, deep sea charters, deep sea fishing,

Veterans receive up to 40% off Tuesday - Thursday, and 15% all other days

BEST Deep Sea Charter Fishing in Coos Bay and Charleston, Oregon offering exclusive daily trips for the entire family. If you are planning to go fishing in Coos Bay, Oregon and are looking for a great adventure, you have come to the right place. Say goodbye to the “party boat” experience, and hello to “personalized” (6-pack) guided fishing adventure. Our guided trips are a maximum of 6 people. Which means: no crowds, more fun, new boat, heated cabin, personal service, more fish, bigger fish, and a great time you’ll never forget.

We don’t just float over the nearest reef to catch the tiny fish and call it good, oh no, we travel 10-15 miles up and down near-shore waters and continually hunt for the largest lingcod and rock fish possible. That is what our customers want, and we’ll work hard to deliver the best rock fishing (bottom fishing), lingcod fishing, and crabbing that Coos Bay/Charleston, Oregon has to offer. Salmon, tuna, and crabbing trips have their own special touches as well.

  • Deep Water Lingcod & Rock Fish Charters (Rated #1 Charter)
  • Salmon Charters (ocean, bay, & river trips)
  • Albacore Tuna Charters
  • Ocean Crabbing Charters

  • Deep sea fishing in Coos Bay is fantastic for rock fishing (sometimes call bottom fishing) with several reefs and rocky areas that hold an abundance of fish.

    Captain Curt Shoults is the best guide in the business with over 45 years-experience fishing Coos Bay, Oregon’s famous fishery. It all starts by checking in at our office 30 minutes prior to departure in our customer reception area, enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and reviewing your upcoming charter activities. While on-board he will deliver best-in-class guide service, friendly hospitality, safety, and fun!

    Pacific Charter Services will provide all the rods, reels, tackle, and bait needed for your fishing trip. We suggest you dress in layers and be prepared for all kinds of weather, and our cabin is fully heated to ensure your added comfort.

    Feel free to bring a small ice chest with snacks and drinks.

    You must have a fishing license for all trips, and is not included. A shell fish license must also be purchased for crabbing. Please obtain your fishing license in advance.

    Meeting Location: Our office is located at 63480 Crossline Road, Charleston, OR 97420.

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    Fishng Veterans Honored - Press Release

    (02/15/2017) For immediate release. Roseburg, Oregon, February 8, 2017   Fishing Veterans Honored Owner of Pacific Charter Services Creates Non-Profit Organization for Veterans   The owner of Pacific Charter Services, Steven Dwight of Roseburg, has recently established “Fishing Veterans of America” to help provide emotional support and rehabilitation to those outstanding service men and women who have done so much to preserve our freedom.  The first step, effective immediately, is to provide special discounts on all Pacific Charter outings for all U.S. Veterans, including a 40% discount on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and a 15% discount on all other days.   Owner Steven Dwight says: “We had a great year and many of our customers were Veterans, some of whom had various physical limitations.  We asked them how we can better serve them to increase their enjoyment, and we are listening.  We are dedicated to creating the best possible outings for our Vets who are truly worthy of all we can do to acknowledge and support them for their sacrifices.”  Based on feedback from some Vets who preferred calmer water over ocean charters, Pacific Charter Services initiated guided drift boat river trips, and plans to expand to several rivers and lakes this year.    Dwight’s family has been involved with the military for many years.  His grandfather was in the Navy in Pearl Harbor in 1941 and his mother was 10 years of age that December.  His family saw first-hand the destruction and in particular, how the wounded survivors were impacted as well as their families.  Having grown up locally and fishing whenever possible his whole life, Dwight “knows fishing” and loves it.  And recognizing how blessed his life has been, he is ready to embrace a method to actively honor and enrich the lives of Vets and active military in an unique and effective way with “Fishing Veterans of America”.  In his own words, “I am doing what I know how to do, and although it will never be enough, it feels good to do something like this.” Dwight continues to meet with the VA in Roseburg to better understand how to help our Vets in conjunction with their immediate families and caregivers.  He believes it’s important for Vets to have local activities and recreation on a regular and recurring basis.  His goal is to create more opportunities for disabled veterans and their families to enjoy the adventure of fishing and water excursions.  His registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization will be overseen by a non-paid Board, and will begin fundraising soon for a fully handicap-accessible boat that will support up to 20 veterans at a time.  This boat will hopefully be the first of several such boats that will allow expansion to other ports and fisheries off the Pacific Coast, and thereby honor even more of our deserving Veterans.   As a new non-profit, Dwight is now faced with all the usual organizational requirements and the recruitment of a great many volunteers to assist with accounting, insurance, legal issues, website, social media, marketing, etc.  He is looking for other licensed guides and charters who want to participate; smaller boats for lake fishing activities; event organizers and transporters to plan and assure Vets can get to and from their outing; a recreational therapist to help structure the activities for the best individual results; and funding in the form of donations, grants and fundraisers.  Anyone interested in participating or donating can contact Steven Dwight at steven@fishingveterans.org, or by phone at (541) 378-3040.   Pacific Charter Services operates daily out of Charleston without seasonal closures. ________________________   Contact:  Steve Dwight, Owner Pacific Charter Services, LLC 63480 Crossline Road, Charleston, OR 97420, USA (541) 378-3040 www.pacificcharterservices.com

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